Zlata Mechetina

Painting, Mixed media

Zlata Mechetina lived and studied in Moscow, then moved to London

to study History of Art. Took part in several student exhibitions,

such as in the Crypt Gallery and Framer's gallery.

Also, doing illustration alongside with fine art.

"In painting I get inspired by music and overly repeated death of culture,

like in essays of Mario Varga Llosa. There is only act of painting left.

It is a communal action, communicating with models, talking

and squeezing into the new surrounding. It is about noise,

narratives, myths and translation, between languages,

words and images".

It is a visual vocabulary of distorted vision with bits of references,

here and there, to history of art. Hypnosis, empty spaces that are

left during translation which are difficult to think about as they are

stuck in between cyberspace, in process of transition.

Alter ego Zlatan is about construction of identity through

language and ways of representation. Even this character is fearful

of contemporary media and what might happen if that goes away.

Overall, it is easy to overthink but painting is never a process

for one person, it is a part of a communicative act. Everything you

see comes back on the canvas - street art, screenshots, familiar faces

or traces of that painting by Rubens. Doesn’t matter if it’s not always

that expressive in pushing a certain message, it makes you come back

for another thought and find peace for a short moment.

Something like ultima thule, once lost or may be non existent



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