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Volume ll - About Us

Updated: Feb 18

Pink Strawberry Gallery is defying what is sadly the norm of becoming established in the art world; "coming from a rich, higher class background", "having elite art dealer parents" or graduating from an expensive, prestigious art school + specialising in art history ".

They are the voices that get chosen to be heard and are put on the forefront to control and run the art market and galleries.

We are coming from the opposite of all those things and still going to make it work.

" Nurturing those at the beginning of their art careers and still finding ways to make them profitable."

We call out for a strong and growing community of the 'pre-emerging artist'. All are welcome! Young collectors, Young art dealers, Young gallerists - we look onto you for the surge of this community.

With our digital content on our artists, connection is key and you will proceed to understand to buy from the heart and not buy to feed ego by the ranking or prestige of an artist.

Usually the art world will define artists' status as either 'emerging' or 'established'. Why are only those two terms relevant?!

What about an artist - pre-emerging or right at the beginning of their careers. Are they not relevant? What are they even called then?

That's where we come in. 

For the term that is 'pre-emerging artists' - > artists rising at the beginning of their careers. 

We make them relevant.

#preemergingartists #preemergingcommunity #youngcollectors


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