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'Up and coming'...why Not 'Emerging' artists.

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

There's a difference...

You're an Emerging artist? Great for you, most of you should be considered established.... & you're probably represented too... you just haven't got the acclaim/investment yet on your career.

But Up and coming artists...

You have promising work, you're ready to kick off your career and most of all, you want to be heard.

And guess what you will be heard; whether it's from the dream team the universe will bring to you or your own early fan collective that believe in your future success.

Emergers? You've been there...a damn door just needs to open!

'might as well be considered established '...Don't agree? What does 'established' really mean to you, aren't artists ever evolving?

The two terms are very much intertwined by the art world, even put as the same and this is simply false,  the emerging sector is overly-saturated with the mixes of different artistic levels. Not exactly fair :/

Artists at the beginning of their art career, not yet represented need to have their own space and sector to be seen, heard and nurtured to progress into bigger things, probably what emerging artists (most likely represented) have done already.

 All hail - The Up and coming sector.......Let's keep it separate from the Emerging sector.

Sum up: 'Emerging' artists have emerged and are still emerging. 'Up and coming' are up, at the beginning and coming to emerge with their own distinctive voice and style.

We're here for you Up and comers!

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