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Pre-emerging artists: Are you profitable?

Updated: Feb 18

When creatives are managed it's either because they have potential to be profitable or have proven potential to be profitable.

When you have just started your career path, consider what the essence of who you are is aka the essence of your brand and make that profitable.

Content is a window for your audience to engage with who you are. Content of an artist needs to be managed and publicised, something where a team would come in.

* when do you start figuring out -'I need to start putting myself out there as an artist', I want to be seen.... that's where we come in. = Content

The art sector is very competitive and saturated, how do you stand out?

If you're starting out you don't want to be lost, you want to be guided.

First, you give a reason to be guided and the rest is taken care of by a person or team that supports you. This is either an agent or management. BAM!...Industry Talk.

Succeeding sustainability: Showing your art work isn't enough.

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