Chris Sav

Illustration, Print

Chris draws things, writes stuff, sings about vegetables and

makes shrimp videos. He spent his years of unemployment

between two degrees creating Disappointman, a superhero

who battles his own anxiety. Disappointman found a home on

the charity CALM’s (Campaign Against Living Miserably) website

and now runs drawing workshops, helping others to create their own

mental health related superheroes. He has facilitated these at

The National Army Museum, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and

Kew Palace, as well as talking and singing about things at the

Southbank Centre and Green Man Festival. His song about mashed

potato was inexplicably played on BBC 6 Music.

Chris has made pan fried existential crisis, with an anxious fondant,

failure three ways, pickled ennui, and a disappointing smear.

My practice explores existential crises, language and social structures

through the mediums of performance, film, text and drawing.

My methods and processes involve utilising pop culture and

the tropes of particular phenomena, such as boy bands and cookery

programmes to play around with and critique the structures that propose

to provide meaning in the world.

If one were to give my practice a quick stir, certain flavours would rise

to the surface: sculptural cartoon heads, surreal pop music videos,

job ads for strange roles, funding applications for non-existent

broadway musicals about vegetables, and existential marine organisms.

The limits of the characters I adopt, seen through their inability to fully commit

to particular traits that would usually be associated with that

character (a fish man that can’t swim, for example), the rudimentary and

somewhat shoddy nature of the costumes and props, and my own inability to

successfully produce a three-way vocal harmony, all work together to present

the search for meaning, and the failure therewith.

Humour is very much at the centre of this. Through presenting these

absurd situations, it allows me to undermine the real issues they

represent and further uncover the inherent absurdity within everyday life.


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