About the Gallery

Pink Strawberry Gallery aims to provide a platform for up and coming artists that have yet to break into the art world a place to sell and promote their work as well as grow and develop in their artistic practice within a supportive and creative network.

Our core mission is to make 'up and coming artists more


Art is an expression and the way you express yourself is your 'Brand' and we help you do that.

Pink Strawberry Gallery is drawn towards artists that have a strong desire to tell stories and express characters through their work. Holding a particular fascination with how an artist might merge elements of story-telling within mediums that speak to their own personal aesthetic, whether this is through visual mediums of  illustration, sculpture, painting, mixed media etc.


Our Approach

We are an intimate business when it come to our artists, we don't just display them on the gallery but offer attentive one to one care on the growth and journey as up and coming artists. We help to put artists out there with the utmost care that caters to their personal needs.

Your brand is your business, so if you need that drive, we know where to push you, if you need that special treatment we know how to celebrate you!


Why Us?

It is in our repertoire to have relationships with our artists, hence we actively encourage relationships between the audience and the artists, challenging this gap in the art market by working to bridge the gap of transparency between the audience and the artist.

Connection is Key!  Content is Key!

We aim to work as a management with unrepresented artists at the beginning of their art career. We encourage you to start establishing your brand from early beginnings. We present our artists with a touch of Hollywood flair and open them up to merge with other art mediums to amplify their online presence.

The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel. ”

                                                       Piet Mondrian


" Why can't how  press coverage works for celebrities that entertains a growing fanbase work for fine artists?!

I don't believe that the artist should be hidden behind the frame. People should get to know the artist too than just the art work. Everyone has their own individual image, people buy people, people can buy into what you have to offer if they develop a fondness of you.

Don't wait to be established to profit from your work."


Angel Toni


Meet the Founders

Angel Toni

Angel is an up and coming creative director and gallerist, in practice and study of Arts and Media management and a member of Christie's Young collector's club.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Her background is in film and she moved to the UK to ignite her creative passions; motivated further by her history of contributing and working for arts organisations in London over the years and present.

Angel feels strongly about forming a bond with the people she works with. Founding the gallery/platform - her passion is to bring people together and give creatives a functioning support system to continue to do what they love.

Michaela Harcegová

Michaela is an up and coming photographer/artist.

Originally from Slovakia, Michaela specialises in photography and currently is in practice and study of an MA in History of Photography.

Michaela co-founded the gallery and conceived our wonderful logo. 

Her lens based practice is turned on the world to stimulate a unique vision and to impact a change in the world with the power of art and social media merged together.

Esther Munez Ramos

Esther is an up and coming exhibition designer/curator and gallerist. She is a graduate of UAL; MA Fine Arts &Art History; MA in Exhibition Design.

A Spanish-born fine artist, Esther has pursued exhibition design as an art form.  She has lead youth set design workshops and collaborated
on set and windows design for acclaimed brands such as Stella McCartney and Adidas.

Esther´s mission is to connect and empower upcoming artists through their stories and creative processes, with a space where their voice can be heard with utmost clarity. Founding an artist collective has been a step towards her goal. Esther strives to compliment artwork by creating provoking and inspiring surroundings, amplifying the essence of any artwork, elevating visibility to universal appeal.


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